9 May 2017

The Pot of Digestives at the End of the Rainbow (or, A Visit to Bob's Extended Family)

Last week I visited the place where Bob was born. I was previously here last autumn, but I was too busy buying my lovely Bob to take any photos. Now that the new lambs had arrived, there were new faces to meet.

But first, I met Snowy in the house. Such a sweet girl.

She wandered off into the hall to play with her favourite toy, called Ducky.

Soon we were out with the flock. It was a gloriously sunny day but frightfully windy.

The first ewe to come and see me was Ever - she wasn't too sure about me.

She had an adorable lamb in tow.

Some curious lambs.

Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? No. There are digestive biscuits.

Skippy was there to help Ever with all of those biscuits.

She also had an adorable lamb.

Loyal pet lamb Rippley was standing at Joan's feet.

Pet Pet heard the rustle of a biscuit packet too.

Hugs for Rippley.

Bruce, the other pet lamb, would like some hugs too (but he has to wait his turn).

Bruce and Rippley make an adorable pair.

Skippy demonstrates her biscuit balancing skills.

Wayne fetched more biscuits, and the rustling packet got the attention of everyone else.

Ever checking that rainbow again, just in case she missed any of those delicious digestives.

Sadly there were no biscuits, but there were nose kisses for Natalie.

More hugs for Rippley - she's just very huggable.

The man who should have shares in McVitie's.

Ever's lamb gets some hugs.

Joan and Darcey, Bob's little sister.

I couldn't resist that sweet face!

Bob's little brother (he has the same white moustache).

And finally, Bob's other little sister (yes, mum Mary had triplets this year), Kerry:

Leaving the sheep for while (we were out of biscuits), I said hello to Troy the pony.

Back in the house, Snowy was still gorgeous.

Having a nap with her toy Ducky.

Later on it was pet lamb feeding time.

And after the milk was all drunk, the lambs looked around at each other as if to ask, "Is that it?"

They would like some more, please.

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  1. Lots of wonderful pics. The lambs are so cute!

    We shared more photos of little Heloise in today's blog post!