11 May 2017

Were You Born in a Field?

There comes a point at the tail-end of lambing when everything grinds to a screeching halt and if you're lucky there is one lamb born in a week, even luckier if there are two. This is the situation we faced at the end of March. So, with only seven ewes left to lamb, we threw them outside. The final one lambed only a few days ago, and it is wonderful to say it: lambing is over.

I took these photos a month ago on the day that one of the ewes we'd kicked out had a lovely pair of Kerry Hill lambs.

This is the boy...

...and this is the girl.

Mum was an old hand at this and so we left the family alone.

She'd take good care of her babies.

I was not the only observer of the new family.

This is the lamb I call, imaginatively, Eye Patch Kerry Hill - she is gorgeous.

Seeing newborns serves as a reminder that these lambs are getting big, big, big...

It's supplementary feeding season, so the ewes immediately mob anyone who dares to step food in the field. The by-product of this is that my lamb subjects come to me.

This one was shy!


Some of our Hampshire Down babies are starting to look like Hampshire Downs.

He may look butch, but...

...he's a mummy's boy!

We call is ewe Cheeky Ewe... because she is.

We are bottle rearing this young man's sister (more on her at a later date).

One of Cheeky Ewe's lambs.


So many lambs like to hide behind mummy.

Random Chaffinch interlude:

Cheeky Ewe and her perfect lambs.

This man who needs a face cloth is a brother to one of my favourite lambs of the year.

The twins:

She's another eye patch baby, and I am a sucker for those. So cute!

This lamb was abandoned by her mother after she was born, and this ewe lost her lamb, so we put the two together and they haven't looked back.

Another Kerry Hill face.

This is one of the ewes we threw out of the shed. She's about ready to pop.

The ears. That's all I'm saying.

And I'll leave you with my lovely Nova and her gorgeous boy who is huge and also a Kerry Hill because that seems to be the fashion this year.


  1. Such wonderful photos all! But if we had to choose a favourite, it would be the first one of the cheeky ewe and her perfect lambs!