30 June 2017

Field Trip

It came to the stage that when I let the pet lambs out of the shed, they ran to the nearest patch of grass and planted themselves there, which meant that our walk was effectively over. In hindsight this was probably a clue that my idea was not going to work, but I thought that if I put the lambs into the linkbox and drove them to our destination it would overcome the hurdle of the grass in the yard and we could finally walk somewhere different. I drove them to a field, let them out, started walking, looked back, and...

Even Audrey, the clingiest of them all, was but a pair of ears sticking out of the grass.

Those ladies weren't going anywhere.

After ten minutes or so of grazing, the sun reappeared from behind the clouds and the heatwave continued in earnest.

The lambs, still eating, headed for the shade.

I sat in the shade of the tractor, resigned to the fact that there would be no walkies today. Penny, the sweetie, sat down next to me.

Audrey happy munching away.

Anita stood under the tractor wheel.

Maggie made herself comfortable under the tractor itself.

While we didn't get to have a walk, I still enjoyed sitting in the shade with my girls.


  1. This must be like heaven for them :)

  2. Sitting with sheep is the best :-). How did you get them back?

    1. I know, it is a wonderful way to spend your time - and especially with pet ones who come over for strokes now and again!

      As you can see the tractor was still in the field so when it was time to go I opened the linkbox door, shook a bucket of nuts and set it inside, and anyone who was reluctant was gently pushed in. Then I drove us back to the yard. :)