28 June 2017

The Heatwave and Haylage Begin

On a blazingly hot Saturday in June the silage and haylage began. It was the start of a heatwave and so Dad brought out the mower to cut the first field of the year.

I went along to watch and photograph with my canine companions.

Up the hill.

It was really, really warm.

(Look at that cloud of pollen behind the mower - thank goodness I don't have hay fever.)

Despite the heat Teddy had a run through the long grass.

Jess suffered the least with her short coat.

Round again.

The rows of mowed grass create "paths" for the dogs to walk on.

I felt sorry for Teddy with his massive coat.

Even Jess's tongue was nearly brushing the ground.

Teddy sitting and looking down the hill.

Once Dad had finished mowing we all made a bee-line for the tractor. Pip wanted to have a ride in the cab - no one pointed out that this would be a bad idea because tractor cabs are like greenhouses in hot weather.

Jess had the right idea - she stood under the mower in the shade!

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  1. Ryder has a lot of coat too, the smooths definitely do better in the heat.