10 June 2017

Rained In

When I arrived at Drumlee Farm, Emma and Toffee were returning to the yard after a lunging session.

I asked them to stand in the stable doorway for some classic black background shots. Toffee wasn't all that keen on posing.

But persistence paid off.

While we had been working with Toffee, the rain had started to fall. Magee and Jewel trotted over in the rain.

Last time I saw him he was only a couple of days old... look at him now!

Jewel is still very fussy with him which is really cute.

If you scratch him in just the right spot...

...he turns into a giraffe.

He is very cute.

Coillte was a bit jealous.

The rain got heavier and so Emma and I retreated into the house for a cup of tea and some chocolate. Afterwards we played with some of the dogs. Izzy is nervous of new people my nature and usually lets me nowhere near her, but this time she let me stroke her.

If you want the sock...

...you have to be prepared to have it on your head.

This was my first time photographing her and she is very photogenic.

It was Lucy's turn next, and by this point the sugar high from all that chocolate was really beginning to kick in.

Lucy knew exactly what was coming.

Emma's family collects Jack Russell ornaments and she showed me the latest addition to the collection that was still in the bag.

Emma asked me if I would help her decide where to put this new ornament. On the windowsill next to another one, perhaps?

On the mantelpiece next to the clock?

In front of the stove next to another ornament?

On the mantelpiece in the good room?

On the table just inside the front door?

Or maybe on this fancy chair?

Yes, we agreed, that was the spot.


  1. Patience and persistence pays off! More good photos.

    1. It certainly does! Awesome photos :)

      Lorien A.K.A Madooka @ Scruffs Luxury Dog Beds.