12 June 2017

Spa Day for the 135

After last year's post about washing the Ferguson with the help of pet lambs, I have decided that this should be a new tradition. Unfortunately the Fergie wouldn't start, which was not all that surprising since it hadn't been out of the shed since the year before. But there was another tractor deserving of some attention: the 40-ish-year-old 135. It is always helping with odd jobs around the yard and it hadn't been cleaned since... forever. As with last time I had a lot of help.

Pip as usual made sure that tractor went nowhere (no one has had the heart to tell her about the invention of the handbrake).

It was a blazingly warm day and so the lambs wisely followed me into the shade. This is Boy From the Crate and Mo:

This is Big Lamb That Had Joint Ill:

155 (no relation to the tractor):

Brown Fella:

Kerry Hill 71 Sister:

Titch, growing horns now:

The lambs also helped by nibbling at the grass that is starting to grow through the cracks in the concrete even though I cleaned it last year. And of course, once she saw me Audrey had to come over.

Penny followed a moment later.

But she got distracted by something before she reached me.

Boy From the Crate trotted after her.

In typical sheep fashion soon everyone was following Audrey.

I had just finished cleaning the tractor and there was a puddle that Kerry Hill 71 Sister just had to investigate.

Then she wandered off because lambs have short attention spans.

I think Penny, despite her early growth spurt, is going to be a small sheep. Kerry Hill 71 Sister is almost a month younger and one of two and she's almost the same height.

Pip took her tractor watching duties very seriously.

Penny came over to help her.

Kerry Hill 71 Sister coming over to see me.

The Boy From the Crate offers Pip his assistance.

Penny and Audrey wanted to help too.

Blind Lamb (no longer blind, thank goodness, but after 17 pet lambs our imaginations needed time to recharge) in the shade.

Maggie was so good at helping that Pip took a break...

...and went to get a drink.

Miss Maggie:


Kerry Hill 71 Sister being really sweet and coming to see me again.

Pip thinks this tractor watching is exhausting work.

Brown Fella and Penny in the shade.

Maggie and Blind Lamb:

Mo coming over to join us.

The shady area beginning to get a little crowded.

Other 71 Sister and The Boy From the Crate inspected my cleaning job.

Big Lamb That Had Joint Ill heading for the shade.

Mo and some of the others exploring the linkbox.

Pip wants me to tell you that she was there too.

Exploring compete (note Maggie hogging the linkbox in the background).

Pip thought that perhaps she was getting too much help.


Maggie and her shadow, Brown Fella.

Mo and The Boy From the Crate.

Blind Lamb enjoying the shade with the others.

Brown Fella has no concept of a lady's personal space.

Most the lambs, however, disappeared around the corner - I hardly saw anything of Titch and Miss Piggy.

I found a selection of lambs browsing on the ivy that grows on the walls and the grass that grows on the edges of the yard.

Now... how do I get all of these lambs back inside?

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  1. I don't think we have any/many Kerry Hills over here. Good thing probably as I'd be going around trying to steal them :-D.