10 July 2017

Bart Makes a New Friend

Toni brought her dog Samson over for a visit yesterday.

Bart made friends right away.

He would follow his new friend Samson anywhere.

Getting to know each other.

Samson is very handsome.

Being used to collies, Bart didn't understand why he kept getting hit in the face by a wagger.

Bart is bigger than our dogs, but Samson makes him look tiny!

Bart got lost occasionally.

But they always found each other again.

Samson's treat face.

Bart was tired so he went back into his pen. We sat in the field for a while.

The girls were a bit scared of the giant dog.

Blue Belle met the visitor too.

One more walk for luck.

Samson got to play in long grass and short grass.

He had lots of fun!


  1. love this so much I added your blog into my list of Thursday Likes this week! LeeAnna at Not Afraid Of Color! Thanks for the terrific pics and story!

  2. O my looks just like my Hersey girl.....miss her so much

  3. What breed of dog is Samson? He looks a lot like my Cody, who was half Rottie and half Lab.

    1. He's a pedigree Labrador, albeit a large, broad-headed one! :)

    2. He doesn't look like our Larador's here in the States. What a handsome boy he is. Love his big head and muscled body. Miss my Cody. I have two rescued German Shepherds now; sigh.