8 July 2017

In the Shade Under Nobby's Tree

The pet lambs like to stand at the gate - it means they can see me coming.

It was another swelteringly hot day during the recent heatwave and so I settled with the sheep in the shade of Nobby's Tree and the wall next to it. Millie and Margo had already made themselves comfortable.

Rosie stood next to me and chewed her cud.

Audrey felt like she was being watched...

Penny at the gate.

Honey stood on my other side.

Penny and Audrey came over for strokes.

Maggie at the gate.

Rosie has no concept of personal space.

Jess is scared to come into a field with so many pet sheep and lambs.

Anita made herself comfortable behind Margo.

For future reference: never vacate the best shady spot or it will be stolen - Honey stealing Margo's spot.

Audrey under surveillance.

Millie stretching her legs.

Anita all alone.

A rare photo of Penny in which she is not making a funny face.

Penny and Maggie want some attention.

Honey stood behind me and chewed her cud some more. She's so messy, she dribbles everywhere.

I call this tree Nobby's Tree because Nobby used to stand under it when it rained, and even when Dad cut the branches back with the hedgecutter, he still stood under it and got drenched.

I went looking for Bob, who was the only one not present, and I found him in his favourite bush escaping the heat. This bush may have to become Bob's Bush.

Blue Belle is on her summer diet.

Audrey came to sit beside me, the sweetie.

A glorious way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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