6 July 2017

Photos From My Phone #4

At the top of the rock at Bannon's Land.

Blue Belle demonstrating that, quite hilariously, a sheep-sized halter fits her perfectly.

Jess, that can't be comfortable...

Bart finds himself being a babysitter and he's not impressed.

Every time I get out of the tractor, Teddy steals my seat.

Putting up a new fence.

Anita blends into a crowd.

Do you every feel like you're being followed?

While I was mucking out pens, Jess and Bart did a lot of lying around.

Blue Belle sits down to enjoy the garden.

Bales on the hill (you can click on this for the full-sized version).

The same field at the bottom of the hill.

The pet lambs have taken to sleeping on the wall. These are their morning faces.

Maggie and Anita relax.

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