4 July 2017

Colleen and Honey Have Visitors

When I first arrived at Colleen and Honey's field I thought that they weren't there, but upon closer inspection I found them hiding in the corner.

Honey was relaxing in style.

She has grown so much since the first time I visited her, and more since the last time I visited her here.

She's very friendly now and it was a challenge to take portraits when she kept coming over for neck scratches.

Like the sheep at home, poor Colleen was being pestered by flies.

But enough about Colleen, says Honey, the limelight should be on her!

Giving the grass a sniff test.

Most of the baby fluff has shed from her face, and her mane seems to be turning black (either that or she's not a real ginger and she needs to do her roots).

One day she could have a forelock as magnificent as her mother's.

My favourite photo of Honey.

The lovely Colleen.

Sorry, Honey, did I not pay attention to you again?

There was a lot of tail swishing going on with all those flies.

Talk about a leg in each corner!

It turned out I was not the only visitor Colleen and Honey had. Can you see it?

Having already said my goodbyes and just gotten distracted by a bird, suddenly Colleen was on the move.

Mother and daughter got started on their supper.

Poor Honey, her legs are so long she reminds me of a giraffe splaying its legs at the watering hole.

Colleen followed me to the gate.

I said my goodbyes (again) and left them to it.

Thank you once again to Dairylough Clydesdales for my much needed Clydesdale fix!


  1. Great photos again Ruth, your welcome anytime :)

  2. Some great photos

  3. Such beautiful pictures of the horses and your property. Living in the middle of a very large city (not my choice but my husband is legally blind so he needs easy distance and transport to his job), I really miss that.

    The Johnsons and Abby Lab in Chicago

  4. What a pair of cuties! Thanks for sharing them with us! Is your grass really that green? Ours is dried up and brownish...