18 July 2017

While the Rain Falls

Dad had cut this field for silage the night before and so I made us packed lunches and we set off early to get the field baled before the weather turned.

Jess was my helper for the morning.

Around and around the field my dad drove, while I drew the bales up the hill and put them in a neat row for easy wrapping later.

We knew there was to be a chance of showers, but shortly after 11 o'clock the heavens opened and we were forced to stop. I had planned to eat my sandwich (a ploughman's, naturally) outside, sitting on the top of the hill while Jess ran around tried to steal it. Instead we were stuck in the tractor cab, but I made a point of driving up the hill anyway, even if the view was a bit damp.

The rain disappeared as quickly as it had come and we were back to work. Jess did some posing...

...and found a massive stick to carry around!

Dad finishing the field off.

Dad went home to swap tractors, and I went home to swap dogs because Jess had been in the tractor for a few hours and needed a break. Pip came with me to finish the job.

Dad arrived with the wrapper shortly after.

The weather had dried up but now the sky was hazy.

Pip was cool as a cucumber with the tractor approaching behind her.

I tipped the bales up once they were wrapped.

And we returned to this old gate because I had only just noticed on that day how it could make a good location.

Hopefully next time we'll be making hay while the sun shines!

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