10 August 2017

Happy Seventh Birthday, Pip!

Pip turns seven today, and as is the same every year, the local council put on an air show just for her! We drove up to the top of the hill to watch. We were slightly late, having been busy with over fifty bales of silage, so we unfortunately missed the Red Arrows.

The view from up here was spectacular.

Suddenly the town was shrouded in smoke...

...and the first plane appeared.

Then another. The clouds were such that one moment it looked like a beautiful day...

...and another it was about to pour rain upon us. But we were lucky. It only rained once we'd already gotten inside.

There were lots of boats on the sea to watch.

We may have missed the Red Arrows but this little plane was a Red Arrow all of its own!

A great display.

Pip really enjoyed all of the attention she got while we were waiting for the planes.

On the way back to the yard I caught a few snaps. Rosie:



And one very majestic lamb!


  1. Can you tell us more about the celebration?

    1. It's called The Festival of Flight and takes place every year, usually on the first Saturday in August. There's a huge programme of events down in the town such as live radio broadcasts, workshops and a parade. There's also a standing display by the Ulster Aviation Society. A lot of ice cream and fish and chips are sold! I'm not actually certain what it was started for. I originally thought it was something to do with Harry Ferguson, but now I'm not so sure.

      I can't tell you much more because I have never been, I've always watched it from a hill far away with Pip tucked under my arm. :)

  2. Happy birthday to beautiful Pip! Stunning photos all around.

  3. What a wonderful spot to watch air shows from; you're lucky. For me to see the Thunderbirds, I would have to brave the traffic in Las Vegas; no thanks. Why do they put on this annual Show?

    1. It's embarrassing me to say I'm not actually certain! I thought at one stage that it was a tribute to Harry Ferguson who took off from the beach in a plane he made himself but I'm not sure.