7 August 2017

The Rare Sheep Family Portrait

Alright, sheep, I want you all go up to the top of the hill for the family portrait. Don't dawdle, Honey.

Bob, you'd better stand at the front because you're very small.

Rosie; looking good. Millie too. Go away, you grey-faced imposter.

And pose... thank you, everyone!

That was very good. I think the imposter was impressed, Millie.

You all did great.

Yes, you too, Rosie.

And you, Millie.

Family portrait taken, the sheep wandered back down the hill.

The rest of the sheep stayed at the top. Separated from their lambs, the ewes were taking some time to relax and recover. Iris was looking well.

They were all looking well.

Nova is her usual round self.

Bob had one more portrait left in him as I was leaving.