2 September 2017

Inspiration on a Grey Day

The weather this summer, as I've probably mentioned already, has been awful. The beautiful, clear sunsets that I find very inspiring for my photography have been replaced by grey clouds. I've just been finding the light very uninspiring recently - often it is good light that encourages me to bring the camera out!

Sometimes, though, even if it is dull and cloudy I just have to take pictures. I spent an hour with my pet sheep last Sunday afternoon.

I'm still trying to get a really nice photo of Margo after her clipping.

Penny still has her hilarious facial expressions.

I had clearly visited during Audrey's special eating time.

Maggie: from admittedly ugly lamb to a woolly-cheeked cutie.

Millie has grown into a real stunner of a sheep.

Bob still comes over for his back rubs and chin scratches.

Audrey looked up at last!

...But not for long.

When I turned to head back to the yard no one followed me - until I was practically at the gate, when they all suddenly charged at me. There's room enough for everyone to stand at the gate.

When standing at the gate doesn't work, stand next to the wall.

Wherever I go, Rosie would love to follow.

Sometimes it is not the light that's inspiring, it's good friends.


  1. You have plenty of good friends! Skies may not be clear but the pictures are beautiful nonetheless.

  2. I think a diffused light makes for excellent photos, as you have just proved.