4 September 2017

The Faces of the Future

It's that time of the year when we have to go out and about to breeding sheep sales to find some new tips in time for autumn. At our first sale we didn't buy anything, but our second proved more fruitful. My Dad and I had gone with a plan to buy two/three Texels and a Suffolk... but when we arrived this soon fell by the wayside. Instead we got what we could afford and came home with these three chaps:

The biggest is this Lleyn, who's three to four years old.

In the middle is this three-year-old Charollais.

And this little fellow is a one-year-old Texel. (When we got him home we noticed his ears were swollen around his tags so we had to cut them out and spray on some antiseptic. They're looking better now than they are in these photos.)

So that's the gang for now. We might visit another sale in search of a Suffolk.

There's something about this Charollais, who I've dubbed Claude - an extra glimmer of intelligence, perhaps?

He always looks like he's thinking about something...

I wonder how the lambs will turn out!


  1. The Charollais' skin is red around his eyes; it looks like he has razor burn?

    1. Haha! Not razor burn, no. It's simply that no hair grows in that area and the skin is quite thin there. :)

  2. I was going to ask about the red color too. I see that in show pictures and have wondered if that's due to shaving?

    1. No shaving. No hair grows in those red spots. If you looked up the Rouge, another French sheep breed, they also have a red tint to their skin but much more pronounced thanks to their natural baldness. The Charollais is like the Rouge's slightly prettier cousin! :)