31 October 2017

(Late) Hug a Sheep Day 2017

It was Hug a Sheep Day on Saturday 28th, but for some reason this year I got it into my head that it was on Halloween? Drat, I say. I even had these taken a few weeks in advance so I wouldn't miss it! We shall carry on...

The photo of the day was this one of Penny and I in matching black and blue. But there was quite the journey to get here...

I had the camera set up and went to fetch a sheep. I was open to volunteers, but was not surprised when Rosie came over first. The challenge was getting a good photo of us both!

Rosie stands where Rosie wants to stand.

She actually a very huggable sheep, though it seems, not when there's a camera nearby.

So soft!

Eventually I got this, but it wasn't quite what I was after and Rosie by this point was fed up, so...

...I went and fetched Penny. She immediately tried to eat my coat.

I'd had the bandana for Rosie too, but she was too scared to wear it. Not our Penny, though, no way...

(Inter)National Hug a Sheep Day created by:

Happy Hug a Sheep Day!
Happy Halloween!


  1. You got several really nice shots. Its good to see a photo of you; you have such fair skin, it is a good thing you don't live in our Southwest Desert here in the USA. Our sun can be a real killer.

  2. Aw, great pictures. Very fun :-D. And not late because EVERY DAY is a great day to hug sheeps :-D.

  3. Lovely pictures of you, Rosie and Penny.
    I'm sure it's never too late to hug a sheep (or two).