27 October 2017

Ruth and Pip Go On a Road Trip!

The road trip began with checking on the ewes. The first flock was quick to gather around the gate to demand food welcome me.

PD (Penny's dad) was in the crowd.

More sheep appeared from over the hill.

And more...

One of the Kerry Hill boys being handsome.

The two Hampshire Downs:

Leaving that mob, Pip and I drove to the next flock a few minutes further along the road. It was, oddly, very sunny there.

Iris was enjoying the sun.

So were the other sheep.

From there Pip and I literally headed for the hills, stopping here and there when I spotted something I thought was interesting. The first such thing was this friendly horse.

His friend is very well camouflaged.

A pretty view already!

Further up I spotted some ewes grazing at the side of the road. For me, as a lowland farmer, this is more of a novelty!

This ewe walked out into the road and I was worried she'd get hurt by a car...

...but no. Cars have to wait for her to move.

Her and her friends walked onwards. The taller one on the left is a Perth type Scottish Blackface, while the other horned ones (and my Mabel and Morag) are Lanark types.

The mountains are a different colour up close like this!

We were quite high on the mountain road.

The view was lovely.

And there were sheep here too. More Scottish Blackfaces like Mabel and Morag.

Pip was very good and waited patiently as I photographed the sheep.

The lamb had squeezed through the fence.

There was nothing I could do to help her. I just hope she worked out how to get back to her flock safely.

After a while we started heading downhill again. We stopped on the way at this carpark.

It was a fun trip! I've been on this route lots of times but never with my camera. It was worth it!


  1. Some of the sheep look so round; their legs look too small to carry them. Beautiful countryside. Hope you had a picnic lunch with you.