23 November 2017

After Ophelia

Last month Hurricane Ophelia passed over Ireland. By the time it reached us it was no longer a hurricane, but it still was very, very windy. A day after it ended, the morning light was very pretty so I went out to photograph the pet sheep. As usual they came running over to greet me.

Even the newbies, Morag and Mabel.

As usual Bob took his time.

Penny went straight to her favourite place to stand, beside the gate.



Mabel and Morag - especially Morag - have befriended Margo.

Millie is huge!

Even little Morag had survived the storm with no problem.



Morag started to feel a little nervous in my presence so she went and stood in the hedge.

You could see the breath in the air.





A couple of photos to illustrate just how small Morag is:

Mabel was carrying a leaf with her on this morning.


Penny chewing her cud in her favourite spot:

Cud chewing at the gate completed, the flock moved out to the field. Another Morag size comparison:

Maggie following the trail:

Bob having a lie down:


Mabel doing some posing:

This is Blue Belle's favourite spot. From here she can see the yard and watch the cars coming and going.

Bob does a lot of chillin'.

Margo making the most of the morning grass:

Anita and Blue Belle had the same idea:


  1. I just love those photos. I was in Northern Ireland (a quick weekend off with a colleague after a speaking event in Dublin) when we stopped to swap drivers to take turns. As I got out of the car near a fence row all the sheep in the field came running over. They probably thought we had food. But I got the cutest picture if them all staring at me. Thanks for brightening our day.

  2. Beautiful! Light, place, sheep, Blue Belle :-)