3 December 2017

The Saintfield Charity Christmas Ride

Every year since 2007, riders have ridden through Saintfield to raise money for charity. Saturday was a dull, dreary day, but Saintfield was brightened with tinsel and Christmas cheer. First they went one way...

(I couldn't resist this photo!)

Side saddle riders:

As they went the riders wished the gathered crowd a merry Christmas.


This horse's costume was the most elaborate!

Even a dog joined in.

The convoy turned at the roundabout and went back the way they came. A beautiful Friesian team.

A beautiful Clydesdale team:

Another side saddle rider.

There were riders of all ages.

There were over a hundred taking part.

There was tinsel everywhere.

It was great to see so many children on their ponies.

It was a great sight to see!