14 December 2017

Babysitter Bob

While Margo, Millie and Rosie were off with their gentlemen friends, Bob was left in charge of six little ladies. They appeared to be quite the handful for him!

As usual I came into the field and the babies came running. Bob followed them at his more sedate pace.

Morag's horns are getting big.

And as usual, she was hiding behind the larger Mabel at every opportunity.

Anita being pretty.

Hello, Maggie, you're pretty too.

And you, Audrey.

Alright, alright, everyone is pretty.

Jess was with me and she did some pretty posing too.

Maggie was feeling left out.

Bob had to babysit all of these ladies by himself.

Babysitters don't get a moment's peace.

Morag is so tiny and I'm so amused by this.

The sun started to go down.

The sheep wandered off to graze.

Jess played with her squeaky ball.

We left the lambs to their sunset grazing and headed for the yard. Jess looked very autumnal with the hedge as a backdrop.

And poor Blue Belle was standing in the yard, on yet another diet...


  1. You obviously love your sheep very much; and they trust you. Rebecca

  2. Great header! And lovely sheeps...as always :-)