20 December 2017

Margo, Millie, Rosie, and the Boys

While Bob was babysitting, the girls were in a separate, out-of-the-way little field with four handsome young men.

Usually my dad and myself would check them by looking over the gate at them, but one evening I came in to visit them.

Rosie was especially excited and talked to me in that adorable way she does. (I must try to get it on video sometime, but basically I say something and she goes, "Mmmm" at me in reply!)

Another of the boys:

They were happy to see me. Really. This is just Millie's face.

The third of the boys. I picked them out myself. I think I chose well.

Margo looking very beautiful in the sunset light:

This chap, the fourth of the boys, was resting next to the stream.

Sunsets like these have been so rare this year and that makes them extra special.

And the holly was looking very festive!

Fingers crossed for lambs come April. Please, please, please...


  1. Those should make some pretty babies :-).

  2. Gorgeous photos and such sweet faces. The light and colors are so beautiful.