25 February 2018

Lois and Olive's First Trip Outside

This is Olive. She's around two weeks old and very small. She's standing here in the doorway of the lambing shed, unsure whether she should go outside because the world yard is big and scary.

Eventually she did pluck up the courage to explore the great outdoors. Everything looks very big when you're very small.

Her exploring companion is Lois, who's around a week old and pretty big.

Olive's mother is a two-year-old ewe. When she was a lamb she got her leg broken when an adult sheep ran over it. She fully recovered, but when she had Olive she decided she didn't want her so we took her on as a pet lamb. Being the underdog must run in her family.

Lois, meanwhile, is one of two. It's a classic tale of a ewe rejecting one of her lambs in favour of the other. But really, I think Lois was born to be a pet lamb. She loves humans so much!

They have nobbly knees in common.

Lois the Hampshire Down and Olive the Texel make quite the pair... even if the size difference is considerable.

They both enjoyed their first trip outside, with Pip and I supervising. They are very adorable!


  1. There is nothing cuter than a black face lamb with a pink nose :-D. Not that those others are very far behind ;-).

  2. They are both very cute! I hope they thrive!