16 February 2018

Updates on the New Arrivals

Fly has been here for almost three weeks now and she's such a sweetie and so settled, it feels like she's been here forever. We love her to bits!

Lambing, meanwhile, is now in full swing. This week has been some of the most difficult lambing I have ever faced, as I was experiencing pneumonia for the first time as well. Thankfully I'm now almost fully recovered, but it means that the camera has not been out for a while. I took these photos before I got sick...

It feels forever ago now, but this is our first ewe and lamb:

Our other first ewe and lambs (we found them in the shed together - I have no idea who came first!):

An additional cutie...

All of these ewes and lambs are now enjoying life outside and lots and lots of lambs have been born since. It's just a job to keep up with them all!


  1. Such cuteness! Glad you are over your illness.

  2. I ended up with the flu this month. I can't EVEN imagine trying to lamb through that :-o.