21 March 2018

Catching Up With Emma's Flock

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit Emma and her flock of pet lambs to catch up on how they were doing. The last time I was there she had six... now she has eleven! Really it's quite dangerous to show Emma any lambs now because she might take them home with her...

Anyway! These two girls are Kerry and Ruby, the largest members of Emma's flock.

Ruby is a fun "guess the breed" experiment. My initial guess a month ago was a Suffolk cross of some sort, but now she's growing a lot of wool on her face and head so I've changed that guess to a Hampshire Down cross. Time will tell!

"But how's Ruth the lamb!?" I hear the masses cry. Well, she's doing great!

Please don't eat Ruth.

Hugs are better, thank you.

As for Emma's favourite, little Pixie, she's not so little anymore.

That's the spot...

It was great to see everyone doing so well. Ruth with Katie in the background:

And Lily:

I made a brief visit with the cows too.

But I had even more lambs to see! Emma had helped herself to bought three new lambs that very day. There were twin sisters Cookie...

...and Crumble, and little Jack too.

Jack is small but very cute!

Yes, Cookie, you're cute too.

But this is perhaps my favourite of Emma's lambs. I gave young Stubby here to Emma about a week ago. I gave him to her because he had about a fifty per-cent chance of making it, but I thought that if Emma could get him going then she deserved to have him... and just look at him! The poor little chap only has the one ear.

He was very happy to have new friends.

I spent so long taking photos at the door that Crumble got bored and had a lie down.

Good luck with your lambs, Emma! You're doing great!


  1. Love the itchy spot pics :-D. So what happened to the ear?

    1. He was born that way. I have a theory about it. He was one of two. His brother was very big and Stubby very small, and their mother was only a hogget so maybe Stubby was squashed a bit in the womb? We're not even sure if he can see. I think he can, a vet thought he couldn't - but he can jump up steps which is not something a blind lamb could do. Time will tell! But he's a character. :)