18 March 2018

Two New Friends

It has snowed again. To my surprise this morning I pulled open the curtains to a winter wonderland. In spring. So my plans to introduce my new friends to you with a background of a sunny spring afternoon had to be scrapped. Instead I will introduce my new friends indoors...

Oldest first: this is Violet, a week-old Mule x Texel...

And this is Heather, another Mule x Texel:

Violet was born last Monday (12th March) and her mum obviously loved her to bits. But on Tuesday it looked like Violet was hungry and mum didn't have enough milk for her. We were going to leave the pair together, only mum lay on her baby's back legs by accident, leaving Violet very sore. It was a narrow escape, and just in case we weren't so lucky next time, we took Violet away and put her mum out in the field.

As for Heather, her story is a little more straightforward. Mum simply didn't want her. I can't think why - I think she's just gorgeous.

And where was Pip while I was taking these pictures? Hiding in the wheelbarrow.

Recently I noticed that Lois has grown some little white hairs around her eyes. A bit young to be going grey, surely?


  1. Pip is just beautiful--great photos!

  2. I love their long eyelashes! Such adorable little faces. I'm glad Violet is ok!

  3. Your posts are always so interesting, and the lambs precious. In my ignorance, I had never heard the word mule applied to sheep. The donkey/horse mule is infertile, obviously not so with sheep. Rebecca2