27 March 2018

Margo's Children

Margo had her babies yesterday morning! At last I can breathe again... until it's Millie's turn. But for now I can enjoy the new family. Here they shortly after being born, the bigger one trying to stand on his wobbly new legs.

And a little later, both on their feet and having a drink.

The little one was a bit shivery, but he came round.

Margo couldn't lamb by herself so she got some help from my dad and I. It took us both to pull the first one out...

...while the second was coming backwards, but thankfully he was small so it only took me a moment to pull him out.

She had two boys. I was hoping for at least one girl but really I'll take what I can get! Margo is so fussy about them, it's very sweet. I'm very proud of her.

They're also ridiculously cute.

Well done, Margo!

And finally, here's some proof that a pet lamb will always be a pet lamb...