25 March 2018

Wait For It

My poor Rosie. She had a little baby but it died a few hours later. We tried adopting Olive onto her but the adoption crate rubbed at her neck and made it sore so we took her out. I think she may know that something has happened. She's much more clingy to me than usual, and very interested in any lamb that she sees. Her lamb was a little ewe too, with similar facial markings. But it was massive and Rosie must have had difficulty pushing it out in the early hours of the morning, as by the time I saw it at 7:30 in the morning it was too late. It didn't stop me trying for an hour to bring it round, but it was not to be.

What it has left me is a bit paranoid. Margo and Millie are both expecting lambs too. Margo could have her lamb(s) at any minute, really, while Millie is a few weeks behind. Leaving them in the field where they were would have made them happier, but if anything it's warmer for lambs inside. So I've caved and brought them both in.

They haven't been in this shed in almost two years, since they were lambs themselves. You can see just how wide and pregnant Margo is. She grunts when she lies down and her elder is hard and full of milk but no lambs have appeared yet...

I just have to wait. It's making me tense! The sheep weren't tense, relaxing in the shed.

The weather has been so changeable that these ewes and their lambs are still stuck inside.

Fingers, paws and hooves crossed for Margo and Millie, please!

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