4 April 2018

Shed Days

On a showery day, I took some time to sit in the shed with the ewes and lambs. There ones were stuck - it was too wet for them to go outside, but the brief glimpses of sunshine made the ewes restless for the outdoors. But for now they just had to wait for a decent day.

This little ewe lamb was the first to show interest in me. I love her pink nose. Very cute.

I think this one might be her brother, but I'm not one hundred per cent on that - I didn't manage to photograph their numbers. But he's got a great face too.

This one is out of a first time mother. She's doing a brilliant job.

My favourite Mule family. This lamb was the first Mule to be born here, and I think he's just gorgeous.

Some more Mule families:

I love his expressive face.

And I also love a Mule face!

My second favourite Mule family is this one - such a beautiful little ewe lamb!

For about the first three weeks of his life, this chap was a pet. We managed to get him adopted onto a Mule who lost her lamb and he's very happy.

I love seeing a good mummy.

We eventually got this lot put outside. The ewes were very annoyed to be stuck indoors!