9 April 2018

Teaching Stubby the Ropes

We had a special visitor yesterday - young Stubby returned to where he was born to show off how big and strong he is now. Penny said hello.

As did Maggie.

Margo was very interested in him. I think she would have liked to adopt him.

Stubby is called Stubby because he was born with only one and a half ears. It doesn't stop him from making friends.

But Stubby didn't just come to sightsee, oh no, he came for some halter training - and believe it or not, he got it on his first go! Such a good boy. Mum Emma is very proud. To celebrate his amazing achievement, we had a little photoshoot. Blue is his colour.

Stubby admiring the daffodils.

What a cutie.


  1. Stubby is so cute. We all here want one. Looks like everyone will be taking great care of Stubby. The picture with the tongue sticking out is simply adorable. Thanks for sharing and welcome home Stubby.
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