28 April 2018

Technicolour Triplets

Last night I paid a visit to Bob's extended family. I was there mostly to visit Ever and her adorable triplets. Ever is a pedigree Zwartbles ewe, owned by Natalie. She was teaching her lambs about stranger danger and came nowhere near me.

Natalie is a trusted friend.

Ever knows her routine well, and walked straight for the shed where her family spends the night.

In the pink corner we have Belle, in the orange is Dahlia and Sunny is in blue.

Don't get left behind, Sunny!

Reunited and off they go.

Oh no he's lost again.

It's nice in the shed. The coats can come off.

Hugs for Belle.

And a little drink too.

(Under Ever's watchful eyes, of course.)

Another ewe and her lambs in for the night.

The ewes with the older lambs stayed outside.

This is Bruce. He was a pet lamb last year. He's grown so much!

And this is Darcy, Bob's younger sister.

I can see the family resemblance!


  1. These are amazing photos of my wee grandbabies! ❤️

  2. Hello Ruth
    Thank you for coming to see us and taking great photographs
    Natalie is delighted XXX

  3. What great lamb jackets (and lambs :-)! Are they actually made for lambs or are they dog coats?

    1. I never asked but I have suspicion that they're dog coats, because they are such good quality (checked fleece lining!) - sheep never get such good treatment from manufacturers.

      (Unless they're something like this: https://tinyurl.com/y8mk4ops. I didn't even know such coats were made for lambs. Now I just have to avoid the temptation to buy some...)