29 April 2018

A Few Photos From Drumlee

It's a mixture of sun and cloud here today, so when I popped over to Emma's to visit her animals I tried to stick to the shade. Anything I took in the sun looked awful by comparison. Only a photographer is grumpy enough to complain about a sunny day. Sheds are very useful on days like these - here are Jack and Emma:

Lambs have fully integrated themselves into life here, considering there haven't been sheep here before.

I went to photograph yearling colt Magee, but it was old Dash who was standing in all the right places.

I took a photo of just Emma too!

And then the Labradors.

At last we had it, from light to dark!


  1. Love old Dash. Did Stubby make it?

    1. Stubby did indeed make it! He's a real character, often in the house apparently.