9 May 2018

Fifteens and Mules (But Not Fifteen Mules)

I made a my first ever batch of Fifteens, and headed outside. I had a plan. A vision for art. It involved two Mules, two bandanas and two halters. This was the next in my series of photos of pet lambs with different colours. Heather's bandana was a deep purple, as it was the closest I had to heather-coloured.

For Violet the choice was a bit simpler - a violet bandana!

I waited and waited for the girls to stand in the right spot for my photo.

At last my patience was rewarded...

As for my first Fifteens, they turned out great! They were so tasty, this was all that was left a day and a half later...

If anyone wants a recipe, I will be happy to share. For Fifteens, not Mules in bandanas.

1 comment:

  1. They did turn out fantastic (and If I could eat gluten I would want that recipe).