13 May 2018

Two Good Dogs

It is a well-known fact that Fly is the sweetest dog in the world.

Dad has developed a theory that she is related to Teddy somehow. They both are from the same area originally, they both sit on their hips, they're both very laid-back, they both love hugs, and they look so alike! I think I agree - Teddy could be Fly's distant uncle.

It's quite strange, just how similar they are. We've found that as a team working sheep, they are great. Alone Fly is no use at all, but with Teddy there to boost her confidence she is better.

I took these photos on a nice evening in the yard. I wanted a photo of the two of them together because they are such a matching pair. Fly still doesn't know sit or stay, so it was just a matter of waiting until she lay down somewhere long enough for me to ask Teddy to sit next to her. I had Teddy at the top of the steps...

...and Fly decided to lie down at the bottom of them.

So I asked Teddy to come down and sit, and being the gent that he is, he did as he was told. I couldn't believe my luck when I took these photos!

I was absolutely thrilled! (And you can see Fly's tail wagging from one photo to the next - how sweet!)


  1. Wow! They do look very similar. How fun to think of distant relatives being reunited :)