14 May 2018

The Uncooperative Flock

We have been blessed with so many beautiful sunsets lately. I always try to get out and take pictures - I find the fading light very inspiring. Dad was already in the field, sowing fertiliser.

Even though the ewes are currently getting nuts from the snacker every day, when I drove in with the quad they just wanted to run away. It was very rude of them. I did managed to get a few photos - this one we call "Cheeky Ewe".

They're all getting a bit scruffy looking. Almost time for a haircut!

The lambs proved even harder to photograph than the ewes.

The only exception was this Kerry Hill lamb.

Loitering at the gate.

An old face.

Running away again.

At last I have a photo of Nova's lamb! She has made it.

I like this photo, even if it breaks every photography rule there is.

Even the Mules of this flock were running away.

I was very happy to get this photo.

This Mule got left behind by the others.

Meanwhile in the other field everyone was relaxing.

There's that Kerry Hill lamb again.

(Someone's been in a hedge...)

As for that Mule that was left behind, she wasn't clever enough to see the open gate. I eventually chased her through it, but not before she ran past it twice.