2 May 2018

Five Suffolks

As pet lambs went, this year we didn't have it too bad. So when the opportunity arose for me to buy another lamb, a little Suffolk crossed with a Texel, I leapt at the chance. One clear Saturday evening, my dad and I drove off to collect the new lamb. I've always loved Suffolks, but it's been many years since we have bred our own. A little Suffolk pet lamb would be great! And it was just one extra mouth.

But then we got there, and Dad spied four boys in the pen, and he liked them. Before we knew it, there were five Suffolk lambs jumping around in the back of the Land Rover.

This is one of the boys. He's the one with the high-pitched voice.

Martin and Flora, flanked by two of the new Suffolk boys, get acquainted.

Heather (and Violet) are around the same age as the Suffolks, but a lot bigger.

Martin on the move. He could pass for a Suffolk, only he's a Mule.

Martin and the high-pitched one.

Heather being friendly with the largest of the Suffolk boys.

He's a cute chap. He has great ears.

The boy with the floppy ears being investigated by Flora.

And this is her, the lamb we originally went to get. I've called her Liz, after the legendary Liz that I had way back in 2009 - she was a Suffolk too.

Just look at those ears! You could row a boat with those.

So that's Liz and her step brothers. More bottle feeding, yay!

Ah well, they're cute anyway.