4 May 2018

The Camera Roll

Fly is a great little sheepdog, and we're very happy with her, but her reaction to a camera is quite unusual. She lies down... and rolls over!

She wags her tail the whole time!

To me this seems to be submissive behaviour. Perhaps she thinks the camera lens is a big eye staring at her? I'd welcome other theories.

I have to wait a while, but eventually she will look at me and that's when I take my picture!

And afterwards, she gets lots of praise for being so good! So there's no sit, there's no stay, but she will roll over for the camera!

1 comment:

  1. How cute! Rye is fine with my phone as a camera, but when we see people on the trail with real cameras, she crouches down real low and starts to growl at them. It's so strange what they react to :)