5 May 2018

Watching the Kids

It was a beautiful evening, so I went out to see how Margo and Millie's babies were doing outside.

Margo and her lambs, Andy and Angus, were looking great.

Millie and her girls, Annie and Abby, were also looking healthy and full of life!


Handsome Andy.


What a gorgeous family!

Yes, Penny, you're gorgeous too...

Adorable Annie.

The girls ran off to play on the wall.

The babies were soon joined on the wall by a bigger baby.

I suppose when you're that small, it's nice to look down on things sometimes.

The two Charollais get acquainted.

She's too cute! (Great ombre legs.)

Annie and Abby did not play unsupervised.

Did Millie have baby goats? They ran and jumped along the wall, up and down, with no difficulty!


  1. My late husband and I lived on a small farm. I'm very happily remarried 20 years later but we're in the heart of a huge city. Your photos take me back to those country days. Bless you.

    1. Oh my, this is such a lovely comment. I'm so glad that my little blog is doing some good in the world. :)