8 June 2018

Blue Belle's Big Adventure

Today is Blue Belle's birthday (she turns 11) so I thought I'd tell you all about our big adventure. We walked across three fields and down a lane, across a road, and we ended up at the lough. This was Blue Belle's first time away from the farm since she arrived. It was a beautiful sunny day.

We started our walk off by turning right and walking along the path in the shelter of the trees. I'd been dreaming of taking Blue Belle here for years, but the gate was always stuck. We recently fixed it, and I had Blue Belle out at the first opportunity. It was the perfect day for it.

We reached the gate, but Blue Belle was too big to fit through, so we turned around and walked back the way we came. There were frequent stops for snacks...

...and to admire the view.

It was a bit nerve-wracking, being so close to the water's edge.

But Blue Belle showed no signs of wanting a swim, and happily munched on whatever she could. (Typical Shetland Pony.)

Leaving the path under the trees, we were back where we started. We walked straight on, along the edge of the lough.

Eventually we reached the far end of the lake. (This house is often in the background of my photos, so it was nice to see it up close.)

Here we faced a dilemma. Should we just go home or should we leave the lough and keep walking? We decided to keep walking. Concrete gave way to gravel, banks to hedges.

A couple of horses were grazing in front of the house.

One came over to greet Blue Belle. I wasn't sure what to expect so I kept a tight grip on Blue Belle's leadrope, but I needn't have worried. Blue Belle and the horse just sniffed each other.

Blue Belle is hilariously small! Reinvigorated by her encounter, Blue Belle strode ahead for the first time on our walk so far.

Further along we stopped at a gate. In the field were some cows. I love how curious cows are, they always come over to meet visitors.

Even the calf came over.

The cows were fascinated.

Eventually the lane ended, only for us to be standing in a farmyard.

We walked on.

The view from the farm's lane was lovely.

At last we reached the end of the farm lane, which led onto a main road. I wasn't going to risk taking Blue Belle onto a busy road so we turned around and headed towards home.

The wind had picked up, giving Blue Belle a bad hair moment!

She paused for a snack and another herd of cows were keen to meet her.

I came to the conclusion that cows just really love Blue Belle.

We continued back the way we came. Through the farmyard...

...along the lane...

...and ended up back at the lough's edge.

This herd of cows wasn't so interested in Blue Belle.

By the time we reached the bench beside the lough it was time for lunch. I'd brought a picnic with me. I tied Blue Belle to the bench and unwrapped by delicious lunch.

It's my lunch, Blue Belle!

She alternated between eating grass and trying to steal my lunch.

What a spot for a picnic.

After our picnic, we crossed the road. Home is just through that gate.

Now there is a familiar view.

Blue Belle and I had an amazing time on our walk. Definitely doing that again!

Happy birthday, Blue Belle!

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