13 June 2018

Catching Up With the Triplets

On Monday evening I visited Bob's extended family. It was great to see that the triplets were doing so well. Ever and her shadow, Sunny.

I love his nose speckles.

Mum Ever is so pretty.

Sunny and a friend.

Sunny is a handsome little chap.

And very friendly.

His sister Dahlia.

And his other sister Belle, who's really cheeky!

Belle wouldn't like you to know, but there are other sheep in the flock besides herself.

Natalie is a sheep whisperer!

The sheep were gathered in for spraying against flies, and to run through a foot bath of blue stone. The lambs had never been through a foot bath before, so they were hesitant.

They needed a helping hand!

Most of the adults (at least the well-behaved ones) just walked through without a fuss.

Awaiting their turn.

There they go.

Once the job was done, the dogs that were locked up to avoid scaring the sheep could be returned to their kennels.

Sue and Natalie compete for best hair.

I think it's a draw!


  1. The sheep are wonderful but I couldn't get over the green grass. Amazing!