31 January 2019

A Pup in a Pub

Today I had a delicious meal in a local pub - and Sue was with me! Now that the chill of winter has really set in, I've been looking for local places where I can enjoy a meal indoors, with my dog, rather than getting pounded by the freezing wind as it comes off the sea. I had no idea this pub, called Hugh McCann's, was dog friendly. It is a traditional Irish pub - the decor is full of rustic charm.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted warmly, and spoilt for choice with where we could sit. Sue got served before I did, a waitress bringing her a bowl of water. I chose a corner booth, somewhere where Sue could look around without tripping anybody up. She did bark a little bit, frustrated that I wouldn't let her off the lead to explore.

She was already tired before we had arrived, so by the time the food came she was settled. That's it, Sue, just stretch out those ridiculously long legs and relax.

I hadn't eaten for five hours so in my haste I hadn't remembered to take a picture of the meal before I ate it, but here is my (partially eaten) pulled pork burger. It was gorgeous! That red sauce had a little spice in it, too, and it was wonderful.

And the January diet is going well - I had the Ferrero Rocher cheesecake too!

There are so many rooms in this pub, we had a look around after the meal. I'll have to come back and take better photos next time.

Before we left, Sue met a new fan! She had to get her picture taken.

This is definitely one of my new favourite local places. So much cosier than a chair outside.

I also was able to break in a couple of new things I'd bought for Sue. Her beautiful bandana is by BaNBo and her lead is by Four Paws Collection.


  1. How lucky to have a dog friendly pub like this nearby.
    Sue seems to approve reclining on the comfy leather seat :)
    Glad you enjoyed your meal, January is the worst month to be on a diet anyway, gotta have those calories to keep warm !

  2. How fun! Sue's getting big fast :-o.