1 February 2019

Another Day, Another Pub

Today the opportunity presented itself to go out for another afternoon and try out another dog friendly pub. It was cold and there was still some ice here and there, but when the sun poked through the clouds it was warm enough. Sue met a variety of water foul.

We were in Hillsborough Park, walking on the path around the lake.

Sue still doesn't pose on command, so I just took my photos when she stopped to stare at people who were coming towards us on the path.

Her bandana today was by Puppylicious Boutique and her lead was by Four Paws Collection.

Our walking to heel training is sort of going, but when she's in public all training tends to go out the window. There are far more interesting things to do.

Pausing to take in the view.

She's growing all too fast.

Her ears have also started creeping upwards again. Hooray!

Loop of the lake compete, we had circled back around to the birds.

A few families were feeing the birds.

I stuck around with Sue to get a few close-ups.

After our walk we were a bit cold. Thankfully a dog friendly pub, the Hillside, was nearby. We were hit by the heat of a roaring fire as we stepped inside. I ordered the honey roast ham with eggs and chips and it was lovely. Sue did eventually settle, though perhaps it was only to look longingly up at my plate!

Enjoying the warmth of the pub.


  1. I'm so jealous that you have dog-friendly pubs nearby! We have a few breweries that are dog-friendly indoors because they don't serve food, but most places here are only dog-friendly on the patio and it's way too cold for that! Don't worry about the heeling--Rye is almost 3 and she still struggles with heeling outside. She's great at following my lead indoors, but outside there are way too many things to explore, so I've given up on trying to get her to heal when we're on outdoor adventures! She's slowly getting better on her own, though, so I'm sure Sue will eventually get the hang of it, too ;)

  2. Hillsborough Park looks a great place to explore, and Sue thinks heel walking is just too boring with all the new adventures to be had !
    Love her little face looking up at you expectantly, mmmm that ham smells soooo good :)

  3. So lucky that pubs are so welcoming to dogs.