2 February 2019

Three Kiwis

In the middle of the week our neighbour John pulled into the yard with a couple of pet lambs for me. They were a pair of New Zealand Suffolks, the leggier, narrower cousin of the classic English Suffolk. The pair of lambs took up residence in a corner of the kitchen and are doing really well. Then yesterday John returned with another one! So now our kitchen has three lambs in it and it's beginning to resemble a barn, there's straw everywhere. It's worth it, though, to save little lives like these.

Ladies first: this is Lottie, short for Charlotte, and she's one of the original two. She was very noisy for the first few days but she has settled in well now and drinks everything I give her. She's also got a big black spot on one thigh and very big, floppy ears.

Lottie came along with Ollie, or Oliver if he's in trouble. At the beginning he was the quiet one, but now he's a little terror! If he sees you he will try to jump up and out of the tub. He's thriving on his milk and is the biggest of the three.

The latecomer is little Jack. He's still learning how to suck from the bottle so we're still tubing him a lot of his milk. He's absolutely tiny and quite skittish. Even though he's not completely drinking on his own, he's skipping around the kitchen with the other two so I'm pretty confident that he'll make it. Fingers crossed, please!

These are my first New Zealand Suffolks - I'll always be an English Suffolk girl but these three lambs are very tough and (mostly) good drinkers. Real characters! To name them I looked up the most popular baby names in New Zealand in 2018. Oliver was the most popular, followed by Jack, and Charlotte was the most popular name for a girl.

In another week or so they will hopefully be big enough to go and live in the shed outside.


  1. I didn't realize there were NZ Suffolks. I like the English better than the American. Will be fun to see these three grow up!

  2. Nothing more cute than a knobbly kneed lamb, except maybe three of them together :)
    Hope they all do well under your TLC