13 January 2019

How to Make Friends and Influence Puppies

The pet lambs have been getting a few handfuls of nuts every morning all winter. They're always in a rush to the gate when they see me, no matter the time of day or if I have already fed them.

A month ago, Sue joined me to feed them for the first time. She stuck right in, next to the big lambs, and ate the nuts too. Liz was baffled.

Liz was baffled enough to go and stand next to the gate, being as photogenic as possible.

Bob, as wide as he is tall, is a gentle boy.

Sue even licked his nose and got a pleasured tail wiggle from him in return!

He was interested in the tiny dog who wasn't a bit afraid of him.

In fact all of the sheep were a bit taken aback - even the adult dogs keep a respectful distance.

Speaking of adult dogs, Fly was helping me to babysit on this day. She took a few days to warm to Sue, but she's very good with her now.

Hunger satisfied, most of the confused sheep wandered off, but Flora and Bob lingered.

Bob even came over to say hello to Sue again, only for her to playfully paw him on the nose! He didn't like that quite as much, and in case Bob got cross about it, I carried Sue a safe distance away.

I carried her to the gate and set her down in time for Fly to give her a life lesson.

Paws can go in the trough!

Sue really likes Fly. They are an adorable pair.


  1. ​Brilliant pics !
    Sue is such a brave little pup, Bob looks huge in comparison.
    Poor sheep don't know what to make of her eating their nuts!
    Love how she gives them all kisses.