12 January 2019

Holly's Test

Cousin Holly is currently staying with us for a few weeks while her owner is in New Zealand. It's always a pleasure having Holly with us - she's a fun dog, but not in a that's-code-for-troublesome way. In fact she's very well behaved.

However, Holly is being tested on this particular visit.

Holly's "test" comes in the shape of Sue who constantly wants to play and cause mischief.

While we were in this field, the pets were next door staring at us.

Sue said hello while Holly played fetch.

Sue follows Holly wherever she goes. She's thrilled to have an adult dog her size to play with.

They're besties!

Although even Holly's almost infinite patience is being tested. Sue just wants the ball...

Holly loves this trough in the yard and makes a bee-line for it at every opportunity.

Holly's only escape from Sue is to jump into the trough. In typical Border Collie fashion, water doesn't naturally appeal to the little terror darling. The ball came too for safe keeping.

A wet spaniel is a very happy one!

All I can say to Holly for the coming weeks is good luck.


  1. Beautiful photography, excellent narrative!

  2. What a good, patient cousin! These pictures are adorable. Sue looks like Rye's favorite kind of playmate. She often goes in the pool to escape Barley, who also hates water!

  3. Looks like Holly is enjoying her time with you.

  4. Good that Sue has a playmate, such fun and the sheep are enjoying the show.
    Holly seems a sweet dog but I hope she will teach Sue some boundaries before she gets too many ear piercings !