11 January 2019

Sue and the Sheep

It wasn't long after Sue arrived here that she was introduced to the sheep. Little Sue made Esther look huge!

A little cutie pie.

Liz says hello.

All the lambs were very interested in this tiny dog.

Sue was, understandably, a little apprehensive, but very brave all the same.

Bob looking down at her.

Those ears are on their way up.

Sue was already working on her Collie Stare. Esther is so calm and gentle, I was comfortable letting the two of them wander around. I knew she wouldn't hurt little Sue.

Sue's confidence soon grew!

Flora meeting the tiny puppy.

Everyone wanted to meet her!

Having met the pet lambs and Bob, I took Sue around to the fields at the back of the lambing shed where my ewes are currently residing. Sue paused for a moment as these sheep were even bigger.

...But Sue is never daunted for long! Millie came over to greet her.

Penny was just content to stand there and look pretty.

A little sit.

Her white facial marking has changed dramatically since these photos. I've never had the white markings change on a puppy before.

The cheeky look in her eye remains the same! I don't think that will ever change.


  1. I am amazed at how brave that sweet little puppy is! I can't wait to see her relationship with the sheep grow as she gets older!

  2. Love that she is kissing the sheep! Or that is what it looks like. You can see she is growing already!

  3. It's good to see how you name and care for your sheep and lovely to see them meeting Sue like this.
    Well done little Sue, tis in the blood !