10 January 2019

We'll Cross That Bridge When We Come To It

Yesterday Sue and I had an absolutely brilliant afternoon out with Emma, Bruce, Charlotte and Shane. A group of dogs - including one boisterous puppy, one nervous puppy and a gentle giant Labrador - of course led to some lead tangles, but boy, was it fun! We walked along the beach first. Shane enjoyed a paddle in the sea.

For Bruce this was all new. He'd never been out on a walk like this before. He was nervous but he wasn't paralysed with fear either. Emma practised his sit in front of this brilliant painted shutter.

Sue would like to remind me that she was also there. This was her second walkies and she showed no fear, just like the first time. This is one brave girl!

Poor Shane, we had all forgotten about his fear of bridges. With some gentle encouragement he made it across and the troll never noticed him at all.

Bruce and Sue probably didn't even realise they were on a bridge, such is the puppy attention span!

Bruce did manage a sit after the bridge.

Shane makes Sue look so tiny.

The ears, people. The ears.

We stopped for lunch at a café. Shane was tall enough to see onto the table.

It turned out that Bruce was too - he was scared of the traffic driving past so he spent the meal on Emma's lap.

Sue remained on the ground against her will.

They are such a cute pair.

Three happy dogs!

No, Sue!

By the time of our second café stop (don't judge us), Bruce was getting the hang of things.

What a fun day out!


  1. Oh my. I'm obsessed with those ears! And we feel Shane and Bruce's pain--Rye is terrified of bridges and some traffic, so she spends a lot of time being carried and sitting on my lap. Sue is such a brave little girl!

  2. Why not have two cafe stops it is all good education for the pups ;) !
    Shane was a good boy to be so puppy tolerant.
    Bruce is such a sensitive soul reminds me of my tri BC he looks big and bold but such a softy inside and my best cuddler !
    Sue is so adventurous, love her little heart shaped nose and those crazy ears !
    Good to see them growing up together.

  3. How sweet! And so nice that you both are doing such a great job getting the dogs good experiences. Much more fun with a friend and sibling :-).