9 February 2019

Come Rain

This week has been very wet. After such a mild, relatively dry winter, the field gateways are now very muddy and slippy, it's muddy around the feeders and drinkers, and there are puddles everywhere. All of this rain gave me an opportunity to test out an idea I have had for a while. You can buy expensive waterproof housing for your camera, or you can wrap it in a sandwich bag. I wrapped the sandwich bag around the camera body with my old, more expendable, 50mm lens sticking out. I could still use the buttons and (mostly) see through the viewfinder.

Rain usually means no pictures, but not anymore!

Sue looks like she's walked in front of Fly - quite rudely, judging by Fly's expression.

Little Sue is off!

Soggy Fly.


Sue about to pounce on someone...

Sue shaking off that excess water.

Sue just zooms from here to there.

Fly does not appreciate rain. She'd like me to know that.

Sue in the middle...

...and she's gone! (I love Teddy and Fly's almost startled expressions. Sue's gone in the blink of an eye.)

Fly gives chase - a rare moment of play.

Teddy is one soggy doggy.

By the time it came to taking these photos, I couldn't see properly through the viewfinder so I wasn't expecting much. Due to steaming up issues involving my glasses, I'd had to take them off. I'm surprised how much is in focus.

Teddy has always loved puddles. He likes to blow bubbles and bite at the water.

Sue's silly ears.

Soggy doggies in the yard.

Fly's such a good sport.

Teddy took a moment to stand majestically.

My sandwich bag waterproofing worked! Now even rain can't rain on my parade.


  1. Looks like they had a great time in the rain and the sandwich bag worked! Sue is growing sooooo quickly.

  2. What a great idea and it worked !
    Good to see your pack out together.
    I expect Teddy and Fly are teaching her some BC etiquette.