11 February 2019

Lambs in Snoods

A week or two ago I contacted Knots & Buttons to ask them if they'd make me some snoods for the pet lambs. I'd fallen in love with their crochet snoods, finished off with an adorable wooden buttons. The snoods arrived in the post this morning and I couldn't wait for the boys to try them out. When I had ordered them I had Lottie and Ollie, but little Lottie unfortunately didn't make it so it was just the boys. The pink snoods I ordered are waiting for a model.

Jack in the blue, very small snood.

It was the first time that the boys have gone for a wonder outside the shed but they had their snoods to keep them warm.

Ollie in the lime green XS dog-sized snood.

I couldn't get over how cute they were.

Jack even had a little run and a skip.

They were sniffing and nibbling at everything.

They're growing fast, but Jack is still tiny, bless him.

Such a cute pair of boys.

As long as they're together they're happy.

Thank you, Knots & Buttons, for making me these adorable snoods.


  1. Never seen a lamb in a snood before, but these two look very smart and snug in theirs !
    So Cute :)​