31 March 2019

Morag's Bonnie

There was a very special Mother's Day mother today. Morag has had her first ever lamb - and it's a girl! I had noticed yesterday evening that Morag was acting strangely. Usually she's where most of the flock is, but yesterday she was hanging around with a handful of ewes who had already lambed. Then this morning when I went to check on her she was standing on her own, clearly having difficulty lambing. We got her caught and brought her inside and Dad pulled a huge ewe lamb out. Thankfully everything was coming the right way around so it was the work of a few moments.

Here she is, young Bonnie. The moment I saw her I was in love. She's very like Rosie markings-wise.

She's a very shy little lamb even at a few hours old.

She's trying to feed but Morag is so short, she's not sure where to look. Hopefully she works it out soon. Morag is being very patient.

Bonnie has a very fluffy bottom (I know this because she keeps pointing it at me).

After a few minutes of being photographed Bonnie overcame her shyness.

Her daddy was obviously a Texel. You can feel on her head where her horns are going to grow.

Welcome to motherhood, Morag.

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