30 March 2019

Lois in Flax and Jute

Lately, as well as giving my hoggets a spring clean, I have been learning about rope. I love halters, I always have, but I'm finding it difficult to find halters that fit my adult sheep properly. I started by making the easiest type of halter that just uses two knots (three if you count the one at the end). I couldn't decide on the perfect rope for the job so I got two and Lois helped me test them out.

The first I tested was the flax one. Flax was a huge deal here in Northern Ireland once upon a time and I liked the idea of making halters for my sheep using a natural, traditional material.

Jack came over to see what was going on.

The flax has an odour I'm not so keen on, but I'm sure it would lessen with use.

The second halter I tested was made from jute. This particular rope had a core of waterproof  polypropylene which might make it a stronger choice. It's not quite as soft as the flax, however.

I do love the jute's rich colour.

I really enjoyed making these halters. It's so satisfying to make and use something yourself.

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